A file tracking system is designed to track the usage and availability of all records.RFID technology is the technology helping businesses reduce the time it takes to inventory client records and locate misplaced files. File Tracking Software Systems uses document image indexing in a way that connects hard copy paper documents and documents converted to images.Label Printing Software Systems replaces the manual process of applying individual color labels with the application of a single strip label.
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A file tracking system is designed to track the usage and availability of all records. Our solution allows the advantage of barcode or RFID technologies to identify each record as a unique object. This also allows for the ability to index electronic documents on an as needed basis with an image indexing.

RFID and Barcode technologies are used for all records tracking, and the user-definable File Tracking Software Systems allow you to manage the total life cycle of all records. File Tracking Software Systems will also allow health care providers to comply with the patient privacy provision of HIPAA. See our tracking applications page to see who uses file tracking software and for effectiveness of records management software see Is Tracking For Me? link.

You should never not know where a record is after performing a search for a record. If the record is located in its permanent location, that record can then be requested from that location for delivery, will-call or can be hot-picked from the location and checked out by the records manager or checked out with a self check touch screen module. If the record is currently checked out to another contact, you can make a reservation for the record or request an item transfer (The item transfer feature can only be accessed by requestors with security clearance to do so.) There is a complete item history logged for each record in the system including check-ins, check-outs, transfers, etc.

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