A file tracking system is designed to track the usage and availability of all records.RFID technology is the technology helping businesses reduce the time it takes to inventory client records and locate misplaced files. File Tracking Software Systems uses document image indexing in a way that connects hard copy paper documents and documents converted to images.Label Printing Software Systems replaces the manual process of applying individual color labels with the application of a single strip label.
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Features of File Tracking Software- Below are some of the key features. There is a comparison checklist available for download (PDF) to compare the features of the different versions to the right.

There are multiple screen shots shown from a tutorial database of the software below. Every system is going to be different and keep in mind that what is shown on the screenshots will be configured to exactly how you will be using the software, not what is shown. To access the screen shots click on the bold text for thumbnails of the screen shots.

Click on Underlined Text To See Screenshots of the software.

General Information

  • - User workstations only require a browser and Java
  • - Simple graphical User interface
  • - Unlimited number of fields
  • - Customized data entry & search screens
  • - Prints bar code and color-code labels
  • - Supports fixed and portable bar code & RFID scanners
  • - A single application can be configure for multiple database views (item types)
  • - Complete life-cycle retention management
  • - Keeps track of box #'s for archived records
  • - Enables 'rights assignment' based on User type
  • - Populates and updates by importing host database/spreadsheet files

Record Maintenance

  • - Data entry based on user-defined rules and masks
  • - Seamless printing of color-code labels for each new record
  • - Allows searching using wildcards and multiple fields
  • - Search screen enables ad-hoc report generation
  • - User defined retention rules and life-cycle management
  • - Enables batch processing of record location and status changes
  • - Email notifications of Record Requests
  • - Email notifications of 'overdue' records
  • - Browser-page Request interface for casual Users
  • - Pick-lists sorted in file sequence
  • - Includes standard reports and native reporting tool
  • - Report generation creates ad-hoc CSV files
  • - Reports display in customizable, spreadsheet views

Record Management

  • Track Unlimited Number of Records
  • Customize Description Fields for Each Record Type
  • Establish Unlimited Record Hierarchies
  • Import Records from Legacy Systems
  • Create Parent/Child Relationships (File In A Box)
  • User Security
  • Requestor Security
  • Ongoing Realtime Import of Records for External System
  • Utilizes External Tables for Data Lookup
  • - Via web page or full logon
  • - Requests emailed and maintained in Request Queue
  • - Email notifications at time of Request or at time of deliver to:
    • --- File room
    • --- Requestor and/or Destination
    • --- User that is logged-on
    • --- User that currently holds requested record
  • - Includes details of record (identifiers) and when return is expected
  • - Requests automatically 'closed out' upon delivery
  • - Automatic, passive Request management via RFID technology

Label and Printing Management

  • - Fully integrated bar code and color-code label printing
  • - Includes ability to print a single label with bar code, text, color-coding and RFID
  • - Enables printing of electronic forms and groups of eForms based on business process
  • - Allows multiple labels for a single record to be printed 'all at once' on a single sheet
  • - Allows different labels to be printed based on header parameters
  • - One-click import of database and spreadsheet files for label generation
  • - Produces bar code and/or RFID tags for folders, assets, library resources or any kind of item

Report Management

  • Includes Ad-Hoc Report Writing Capability
  • Exporting of Query Results and Reports
  • Includes Pre-Designs Reports
  • Search Items Based on Status: Check In/Out, Label Printed Y/N
  • Supports Interface to 3rd Party Report Writer (Crystal Reports)
  • Search Results Appear in User Definable Grid
  • Save User Designed Reports


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