A file tracking system is designed to track the usage and availability of all records.RFID technology is the technology helping businesses reduce the time it takes to inventory client records and locate misplaced files. File Tracking Software Systems uses document image indexing in a way that connects hard copy paper documents and documents converted to images.Label Printing Software Systems replaces the manual process of applying individual color labels with the application of a single strip label.
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Below are screenshots of record management inside of our File Tracking Software. For better examples please contact us for more information as these are just screenshots of a tutorial database. Disclosure: Some of the features shown may not be available in the Lite Version of the software.

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Record Management

  • Data Entry Based on User-Defined Rules and Masks
Data must be imputted into the item description field in the proper format.
  • Interfaces with Color Code Label Printing Products
Seamlessly print color code strip labels without double entry of data and with all bar code information on the label.
Interface Color Code Labels with the File Tracking Software
  • Connect a File to Trailing Documents
Trailing Document checklists can confirm complete and incomplete records in the system.
Create a Trailing Document Checklist to Verify Files Receive all of the Necessary Documents
  • Allows Searching Using Wildcards and Multiple Fields
Search for records in many fashions to complete a thorough search.
Search for Wildcards and Multiple Fields to find your records.
  • Allows Batch Searching of Barcodes
Enter bar code numbers for batch searches of records.
Enter or scan in bar codes for batch queries of records.
  • Includes Barcode Scanner Support
  • Utilizes Outcards and Check-Out Receipts
Print outcards and check-out receipts with order processing.
Enter or scan in bar codes for batch queries of records.
  • Create Reservations on Already Checked Out Items
Reserve items already checked out for future use.
Create Reservations for items checked out and note the priority of need for the record.
  • Maintains a Full Transaction History on Every Event for Every Record
Keep a detailed record of your record's activity in the workplace.
View full transaction histories of items for ever event of ever record.
  • User Definable Record and Retention Series
You define the amount of time you want to retain your files and where.
User definable retention and record series.
  • Calculates Retention via Events or Creation Dates
Retention dates are automatically entered for records base on creation dates of the record.
User definable retention and record series with multiple retention schedules.
  • Allows Multiple Retention Schedules for the Same Item Type
Multiple retention schedules can be set up to follow different regulations governing records.
Multiple Retention Schedules can be set up for the same item type to follow the different rules and regulations governing records retention schedules.
  • E-mail Notification of Record Requests
Receive an e-mail when records are requested, check-out, transfered, etc.
  • Remote User Requests via Web Interface
Request records while in the field using a Web browser without having the thick client on your computer.
Request records using your web browser.
  • In-Process Transmittals
  • Pick Lists and Request Processing
Create pick lists for the record center and request processing lists.
Create pick lists for the record center and request processing lists.
  • Link Citations to Files
Link documents to files.
Link documents to files.
  • Destruction Review and Approval
Approve or review of the destruction of records at the end of their life cycle.
Approve or review the destruction of records at the end of their life cycle.


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